Success Stories

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"I highly recommend Megan for all dog challenges. Miley was the perfect case of dog in charge of owner and not the way it should have been. Due to me loving her too much it had caused her to have extreme anxiety. She couldn't travel without getting extremely sick. Couldn't go on walks if there was a chance she would see another dog due the wild screaming she would do. The final straw was when she started attacked the new dog we got. It was a choice to either get rid of one dog or send Miley to get some kind of training. The moment I talked to Megan on the phone she assured me things would be okay and set up a meet and greet for the next day. We decided to go with the 2 week board and train to have Miley "rebooted" and have everything I had done incorrectly corrected. After 2 weeks with Megan, Miley was a completely different dog when it came to behavior. She was still the snuggly pup she was before but she now knew the human was in charge and it was okay for her to just be a dog. Megan also helped "train" my husband and myself on how we needed act with Miley and our other dog. The first time she relaxed in her own home was the best moment since she had never really done that before. She is now excited to go on filed trips and gets compliments all the time about how well behaved she is. She also plays with our other dog. This in itself is a huge deal. She went from attacking him to playing with him all thanks to work Megan did with Miley and us. To be honest I can't say enough good thing about her work with dogs and people. Megan cares for them and you as much as she would her own dogs and family!!! If it wasn't for her, we would have had to re-home one of our dogs." --Amanda


Lucky & Blue

"Megan has been walking/boarding our 2 dogs for years. She’s reliable, flexible, and terrific with the pups. They love her and always run right into her house when we drop them off for boarding. She’s knowledgeable and trustworthy. I completely trust her with my babies. She's compassionate and truly cares about our baby's wellbeing. Consistently checking in on him when he was battling cancer. He's now in remission and we have a new addition to our family that's she's whipped into shape and trained as a young pup!" --May


Abby & Kacey

"When we adopted Abby, a 2-year-old 90 lb. German Shephard mix, in September of 2019, 3 different families had rejected and given up on her. She was adorable but she was a mess. Abby didn't trust we wouldn't walk away from her so she didn't seem to try to listen to us. She counter surfed, nipped at your feet, tore up all of the dog and cat beds, wouldn't come when called, and basically ignored anything we told her to do. Her jumping on people was dangerous. The first night was awful! Our friends were using Megan for their dog's training and we had seen the amazing results. After meeting with Megan, the first time, we realized we had as much to learn as Abby did. Megan taught us how to set boundaries and give Abby commands. Once we started working with Megan, Abby came out of her shell and blossomed into a new pup. All of us now know the rules and Abby knows who's boss. Now our Abby can show how confident, happy, and loving she has always been because we can communicate. We have Abby kennel with Megan if we need to go out of town and know not only are the rules the same but our fur baby is treated with love. This June we added a puppy to the family. Abby has been the most amazing big sister and is teaching Kasey all the ropes. We have barely started working with Kacey and Megan but know that Kasey will grow into her full potential with Megan's guidance. Whenever I hear someone needs help with their dog, I always recommend Megan. " --Heathere



"When we first rescued our girl Deedee, she was aggressive towards all other dogs, children, and strangers. She was even aggressive towards us when we first met her. We knew she just needed a loving home with structure. We found it slow and difficult to get her past her aggressions, so we looked for a trainer and found Megan. The first time Megan came over, Deedee was so excited to see her. She’s never greeted anyone new with such affection. We knew instantly Megan was the right person for the job! We went through some in home training sessions and eventually decided the 2 week e-collar training was the right path. Within a few months, Deedee went from being completely uncontrollable to being able to make good decisions with limited corrections from us. Fast forward 2 years and we still send Deedee over to Megan’s twice a month to socialize with other dogs where she becomes instant best friends with every dog. She now knows over 30 commands, has good manners when meeting new people, and we even walk her without a leash! Through Megan’s training, of Deedee and teaching us how to enforce, we were able to give our girl the structure and boundaries she needs to grow into her best self and thrive. She’s truly a different dog than the one we brought home 2 years ago and we owe it to Megan’s guidance." --Evan & Katie